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Bucharest In Your Pocket - Old Town (Lipscani)

bucharest.inyourpocket.com Call it Lipscani, call it the Historic Centre (Centru Istoric, in Romanian), call it what you like. But the area of Bucharest described by the river to the south, Calea Victoriei to the west, Brătianu to the east and Regina Elisabeta to the north is more or less all thats left of pre-World War II Bucharest. What the war didnt destroy (and it destroyed a fair bit allied bombing was fierce during the early part of 1944) communism did, most notably in the form of the grandiose Civic Centre project that saw almost a fifth of the total area of the city flattened to make way for Bulevardul Unirii and Casa Poporului. That anything survives at all is little short of a miracle. Follow In Your Pocket editor-in-chief on a short tour of Bucharest's Old Town. For more about Bucharest Old Town check out Bucharest In Your Pocket: www.inyourpocket.com [ voir sur Youtube.com ]

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En ligne le : 24/11/09 08:13
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